Ng Finishes Strong at Gulf Coast Tour Finale

Pierce, Kieschnick, Yim, Reiner, Ng, Garland, Keyes

Ming “The Empress” Ng went undefeated in a 38-player field, besting counterpart Kim “Texas Heat” Pierce in the final match, 7-2, to capture the Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Billiards Tour, finale 9-ball event.

On October 9th-10th, 2021, sponsors Poison by Predator Cues, Predator Cues, APA of North Harris County, Alamo Billiards, Outsville Billiards, Team Straight Pool Eye, Southern Streaming, and flagship venue, Big Tyme Billiards, facilitated a successful, year-end event for the women of the Gulf Coast Tour. The tournament drew players from cities across Texas, including Houston, Austin, Round Rock, San Antonio, Beaumont, Elgin, and League City, with two players from Las Vegas. Big Tyme Billiards, located at 100 Cypresswood Drive in Spring, Texas, provided twenty-three Diamond bar tables for tournament play, in a smoke and vape-free environment. Predator provided Predator Arcos II pool balls and Outsville Billiards supplied Accu-Racks, for each table. The Tour would like to thank Billy Sharp and the entire Big Tyme Billiards family for their continued support. The Tour looks forward to returning to Big Tyme for the start of their 2022 Season.

The Tour would like to express its deepest appreciation for sponsorship provided by Poison by Predator Cues and Predator Cues, Outsville Billiards, Team Straight Pool Eye, and Alamo Billiards. The women began 2021, playing with brand new sets of Predator Arcos II pool balls, and enjoying free Predator chalk. Host venues Big Tyme Billiards, Slick Willies, Barney’s Billiard Saloon, and R House Bar and Grill, provided unmatched, tournament going experiences throughout the year, and we would like to thank them for their support, and true, Texas hospitality.

Photograph by Tamara Parlette

On her way to the winners’ side, final four, Ming Ng defeated Sandra Melo, 7-2, Bethany Leger, 7-2, Ruth Paine, 7-2, and D’Andrea “Bankshot Dee” McQuirter, 7-1. Courtney Peters bested Ciara Keyes, 7-5, Mary “Hurricane” McHaney, 7-4, and Kim Reiner, 7-3. Teresa “Princess of Pool” Garland made her trek with wins over Michelle Abernathy, 7-6, Belinda Lee, 7-6, and Kim Pierce, 7-5. Rounding out the final four, in only her second event, Tamara Kieschnick defeated first-time player, Lea Ann Fowler, 7-6, Marilina “Big M” Nieves, 7-6, Brandi Scott, 7-6, and Tanyia Chuites, 7-4. Final four action witnessed Ng overcome Peters, 7-5, while Kieschnick curbed Garland, 7-5. In the hot seat match, Kieschnick fell short, 7-5, and Ng moved into position for a second, consecutive, tournament win. On the west side, breaking into the final twelve, Ruth Paine eliminated Danni Ladd, 5-1, and Michelle Yim dusted off Abernathy, 5-3. Las Vegas player, Leighann Reppenhagen, denied Scott, 5-2, and Keyes ended Tina Baublis, 5-3. Earning their way into the final eight, Pierce shut out Paine, 5-0, while Yim ousted Chuites, 5-3. Reiner stopped Reppenhagen, 5-2, and Keyes closed out McQuirter, 5-0. Pierce continued on, defeating Yim, 5-4, and Peters, 5-3, while Reiner overcame Keyes, 5-2, falling in turn to Garland, by the same score. Peirce forged ahead, taking out Garland 5-2, and Kieschnick, 5-0, to meet Ng in the final match. Ng took charge of the final set, overwhelming Pierce, 7-2, to win the Gulf Coast Tour, finale 9-ball event.

Michelle Abernathy, Veda Selsor

Michelle Abernathy captured the 21-player, second chance 9-ball event, the largest second chance tournament in Tour history. Vada Selsor finished a strong, second place, Verda Jones finished in third, and Bethan Leger, fourth. Congratulations to these ladies for cashing in this phenomenal, second chance 9-ball event.

It was a special year for four, Gulf Coast Tour players, who each received a coveted, annual award. While previous years paled in comparison for Kim Pierce, she persevered and never gave up. Kim finished first in points, won two Tour events, and finished second in two events, to earn the well-deserved “Tour Champion” and “Most Improved Player” awards. Kim Woodworth took home the “Sportsmanship” award, and Verda Jones earned the “Rebecca Arcangeli Dubious Achievement” award. Kim and Verda were actually chosen by their peers on Tour, to receive these special awards.

Kim Woodworth
Verda Jones

“Rookie of the Year” is a brand new award this year. Newcomer Mary McHaney not only attended every event but secured a number of strong finishes along the way. She started at the bottom and was ranked #7 by the fifth stop. Mary’s dedication to improving her game, truly paid off. McHaney’s name was also drawn for the fifty-dollar cash prize for perfect attendance. Others who tied for perfect attendance were Kim Pierce, Michelle Abernathy, Brittany Kromer, Brenda Gunter, and Verda Jones. The Tour would also like to commend Tamara Kieschnick on third place, and her highest finish to date, and Ciara Keyes, for breaking into the final eight, at this event.

“We are deeply grateful for each and every player, even if you just attended one event this year. Without player support, this Tour would not be possible, so thank you to our entire roster of women players!” said Tour Founder, Kim Newsome.

The Tour welcomes first-time members, Leighann Reppenhagen (Las Vegas), Andrea Robinson (Las Vegas), Lea Ann Fowler, Cheyenne Valdez, and Tamara Parlette. We look forward to welcoming these players, and the rest of our resident Tour members, at our January 8th-9th, 2022 event. Mark your calendars!

Our year-end event is branded our “Breast Cancer Awareness Event”, in honor of Tour player and Board member, Toni Esteves of Lufkin, Texas, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Board members Ruth Paine, Kim Pierce, D’Andrea McQuirter, Julia Acevedo, and Ming Ng, did a wonderful job of promoting and directing the event. Players enjoyed plenty of “think pink” Gulf Coast Giveaways to promote mammograms and early detection. Toni beat the disease, and is still an active player and Gulf Coast Tour Board Member.

Congratulations to Gretchen Roa who won a Poison VX Jump Cue and Robin Barnes who took home a set of Predator Arcos II Balls, from the Poison by Predator weekend raffles.

The next event will be held January 8th-9th, 2022, but the location is to be determined. For more information, please visit

Payouts – Total $1,760

1st Ming Ng $600

2nd Kim Pierce $400

3rd Tamara Kieschnick $270

4th Teresa Garland $160

5th-6th Kim Reiner, Courtney Peters $75 ea.

7th-8th Ciara Keyes, Michelle Yim $40 ea.

9th-12th D’Andrea McQuirter, Lea Ann Reppenhagen, Tanyia Chuites, Ruth Paine $25 ea.

Second Chance – Total $210

1st Michelle Abernathy $100

2nd Vada Selsor $60

3rd Verda Jones $30

4th Bethany Leger $20