About Us

Founded in 2013 by WPBA Exempt Professional, Kim Newsome, the Gulf Coast Tour is a developmental tour, exclusively for female pool players, of any age, who possess a desire to grow their game. With the same, day in and day out routines, players go unchallenged and become disillusioned because their game is at a standstill. The Gulf Coast Tour offers a competitive atmosphere for a variety of skill sets, where players are able to accurately test and hone their game, in order to reach that next level, whatever that level may be. These Tour events enrich the billiard scene for female pool players and provide the opportunity to build confidence, achieve goals, and learn how to win.

Eligibility and Fees

Tour events are open to female pool players whose participation may be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. Pros and former pros are not eligible to compete.  Players with eligibility questions should use the “Contact” form on this website to submit their inquiries. Tour membership is free. The entry for each event is $35, which includes a $10 administrative fee.

Player Perks

Tour players receive ranking points for their tournament finishes. Tour rankings, tournament articles, and photos, are all published on this website, and tournament press is disseminated to press partners in an effort to build player brands and maximize exposure. Event wrap-ups, photos, and special interest stories are posted periodically on Facebook.

Player Awards

  1. Tour Champion Award – This award honors a Tour Player who finishes in the number one spot, on the end-of-year rankings list.
  2. Sportsmanship Award – This award honors a Tour Player, who by her behavior and deeds, best exemplifies the spirits, ideals and values of the Tour. It recognizes her diplomacy and goodwill toward her fellow players, inside and outside of competition.
  3. Most Improved Player Award – This award honors a Tour Player, who through her hard work, dedication, and perseverance, becomes the most advanced player in a Tour season.

Board of Directors

Established in March 2018, the Board of Directors is made up of members who are tasked with determining Tour objectives, administration, tournament direction, and player eligibility. Tour participation is subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

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