Eaton Erupts on Gulf Coast Tour

Eaton Erupts on Gulf Coast Tour

Gail Eaton, aka “Virginia Slim”, went undefeated to win her fifth Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Billiards Tour 9-ball event of the 2017 season. Eaton faced off with Terry “The Terrorizer” Petrosino, narrowly defeating her in the first set of the true double elimination final, 7-6.

On October 14th, 2017, Bogies Billiards West in Houston, Texas, along with tour sponsors, Cyclop Pool Balls, Ozone Billiards, APA of North Harris County, Outsville Billiards, and Jimmy Jenkins Realty, facilitated another successful event for female competitors across Texas and Louisiana, stop number ten on this year’s Gulf Coast Tour.

Following a brief players’ meeting, matches commenced, and Gail Eaton was on her way to the winners’ side final four. Eaton overcame Terry Petrosino, 7-5, Shreveport’s Stasie Knight, 7-3, and Gail “Thunder” Roles, 7-4. Teresa Garland defeated Hopey Carter, 7-5, and Terri Resendez, 7-2, while Yvonne Asher took care of Toni Estevez, 7-6, and Aryana Lynch, 7-5. Loretta Lindgren ousted Robyn Petrosino, 7-6, and Alicia Huff, 7-5, rounding out the final four. On the west side, R. Petrosino eliminated Veronica Perez, Joyce Davis, 5-2, and Lynch, 5-2. Knight made an impressive showing, defeating Karen Reilly, 5-4, Lisa Pinkston, 5-2, and Resendez, while Roles eliminated Ellen Robinson, to reach the final four on the one loss side. T. Petrosino was on the redemption trail, sending home Nickerson, 5-3, Estevez, 5-3, and Huff, 5-1. The final four on the one loss side was set, and east side action was underway. Asher overwhelmed Garland, 7-3, and Eaton made quick work of Lindgren, 7-1. Eaton overcame Asher, 7-5, for the hot seat match, while the west side played out. R. Petrosino eliminated Knight, 5-2, but fell to Lindgren, 5-4, while the elder Petrosino blew past Roles, 5-1, and Garland, 5-3, and Asher, 5-0, marking up seven wins, and earning another chance at Eaton. T. Petrosino was thirsty for her first win, while Eaton searched for that fifth notch in her belt. All year, the battles between these two players have been epic, full of twists and turns, ups and downs. In the final set of what she’d hoped to be the first of two sets, T. Petrosino appeared more determined than ever, as she took the lead, 4-2. Following an unforced error on the 8-ball, Eaton capitalized, closing in at 4-3. This caused a slight shift in momentum, but T. Petrosino answered back. Toward the second half of the set, never more than a game apart, Eaton inched ahead to victory, 7-6.  Congratulations to Gail Eaton on her fifth win this year!

The tour would like to congratulate Shreveport’s very own, Stasie Knight, on her best finish to date!

The final event of the 2017 season will be held on November 11th-12th at Fat Rack’s Sports Bar and Billiards, 11813 West Ave., San Antonio, Texas 78216. This 9-ball event will be two-days, $1,000 added, played on 8’ tables with Cyclop Pool Balls. The first annual Gulf Coast Tour Awards will be presented at this event and will include Tour Champion, Sportsmanship, Best Attendance, and Most Improved Player. Free practice begins at 10am, and the mandatory players’ meeting begins at 11am, followed by the awards ceremony. For more information about the WPBA sanctioned, Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Billiards Tour, visit

The Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Billiards Tour is sanctioned by the Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA), and is open to amateur, female players of all ages. The top 32 WPBA Exempt Professionals are not eligible to participate. The WPBA is the governing body of women’s professional billiards in the U.S. The WPBA Regional Tour System is the grass roots effort that feeds the WPBA Pro Billiards Tour. As a WPBA Regional Tour Member, players gain access to WPBA Pro Event Qualifiers and earn valuable WPBA Regional Tour Points which count toward earning invitations to the annual WPBA Regional Tour Championship and WPBA Pro Events. Whether it’s simply to challenge yourself, improve your game, or become a recognized professional, support and become a part of the longest-running, women’s sports organization in the U.S.; the WPBA.

If you are interested in starting a WPBA Regional Tour in your area, or participating on a WPBA Regional Tour, please contact the WPBA Office at 1.855.FOR.WPBA or visit

Written By: Kim Newsome

Photos By: Kim Newsome



1st Gail Eaton $320

2nd Terry Petrosino $200

3rd Yvonne Asher $120

4th Loretta Lindgren $60