1. Any cue ball foul is ball-in-hand. However, if a player inadvertently moves a ball during the execution of a shot, and that moved ball impedes the path of the cue ball, it is a foul. If two or more balls (other than the object ball) are moved during the execution of a shot, it is a foul.


  1. Winner breaks. Flip a coin to determine who breaks first. Players must break with the cue ball completely behind the head string. On the break, if the 9-ball is pocketed in either of the bottom corner pockets, it is spotted and play resumes.


  1. Rack your own. No pattern racking. The two-ball does not have to be placed in the back. The one-ball is racked on the spot.


  1. There is a three foul rule which means three consecutive fouls is a loss of game. A player must verbally notify her opponent when they have committed two consecutive fouls, in order for the third foul to be counted.


  1. Players are allowed one five minute break per match, to be taken in between games.


  1. No drinking or smoking is permitted during matches.


  1. All events are WPBA Dress Code “A”. This means blue jeans or 100% cotton pants, 100% cotton t-shirts or polos, or tennis shoes, are not permitted. Dress blouses, dry-fit polos, and fitted shirts of a poly/cotton/polyester blend are acceptable. Leggings are permitted with blouses that reach below the hip. Athletic or yoga shoes are acceptable, but they must be all black, with a thin sole, and dress laces.


  1. Players may have ear buds in while playing, however, they must be turned down in order to hear their opponent.


  1. If a player believes her opponent may commit a foul during the commission of a shot, she must call a referee to the table to watch the shot. This may be the event referee, the tournament director, or a person both players agree on to call the shot. The call will stand. If no one is called, the shot will go to the shooter.


  1. It is the player’s responsibility to move her coin after each game. If a player forgets to move her coin, that game is not recoverable. The score on the table stands.


  1. Players may not leave the building during match play unless they check in at the tournament desk, first. If a player is called more than three times to her match table, she will be forfeited.


  1. Sunday or second day matches will allow for a fifteen minute grace period, from the time matches are scheduled to begin. Players not at their tables within the grace period will be forfeited.


  1. Slow play will not be tolerated. A warning will be issued to any player who is intentionally, or otherwise, holding up match play. Penalties will be assessed at the discretion of the tournament director.


  1. Tournament races are subject to change.


  1. All decisions made by the tournament director are final.